Country music taps into a universal longing, lament

I don’t know if it was the lyrics – “Strangers know the songs I write. They come to hear me sing at night. They don’t know I’ve paid the cost. They don’t know what I lost.” – or the sweeping and droning strings or the deep, steady beat kept on a tom-tom, or the lament and longing I heard in their voices, but it filled me with lament and longing, too. The song grabbed me and I couldn’t turn it off.

Indulging, living, Gallagher: Fun is living in the present

Being in the moment doesn’t in itself make something fun. But most of the time you’re having fun, you’re in the moment. You are present. The present, by definition, is not the past or the future. It is now, and now, and now. The past and future do not exist, except in our heads. The present, however, we can touch.

Movies full of homoeroticism, what’s a straight boy to do?

I recently re-watched my favorite Schwarzenegger films, and shortly into “Commando,” I saw something I’d never seen. During the opening scenes filled with all of Arnold’s wood chopping and carrying of logs (in a tank-top no less!), with all the pure, gratuitous muscles, I had to ask the question: Did they intentionally set out to make such a homoerotic movie?

Girlfriend, boyfriend, partner? Labeling a mate can be tricky

And that, I find, is why so many of us have trouble coming up with what we choose to call the people we’re involved with when we’re not married. Unlike a pet name – schnookums, babycakes, whathaveyou – which are usually private and likely arbitrary, the euphemism you use to describe your romantic entanglement is, by definition, public. And there’s so much to convey in a label. Here is my assessment of some of the more common monikers for a female mate:

New mind-blowing Santa Fe art installation: You. Must. Go.

I cannot say it more simply. What I encountered in Santa Fe at Meow Wolf changed my life, altered my DNA, made me rethink what was possible through art, forced me to see the world differently. I tell you this: You must go.

Guys: If you sit, stand up and be heard

Things appeared heading in a serious direction (because, above all, I’m a serious man), and so I needed to tell her. We sat down on the couch; I cleared my throat. “I have something I need to tell you.” She cocked her head in that way people do in movies when they’re really open and ready to truly listen. “I pee sitting down.”

Fruit stand owners watch out! (and other action movie observations)

(3) Every bad guy dies in order of their importance to the criminal organization they belong to.